On this page you can find 3 versions:

Backing track with scrolling lyrics for the Canadian - French song Alouette, gentille alouette, first published in 1879. French words for parts of the Lark translate as tete = head, bec = beak, cou = neck ailes = wings and queue = tail.

Traditional song, Juju arrangement, adapted for Tanbur Music.


Two minute Alouette animation with vocals, from the year 1944.

René Jodoin and Norman McLaren completed this using

single-frame animation of paper cutouts.

Streaming courtesy of the National Film Board of Canada.


Scroll down to find the link to an Alouette Quiz with vocals.

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Eremophila alpestris -British Columbia, Canada-8

A Horned Lark in British Columbia, Canada.

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Alouette, René Jodoin & Norman McLaren, provided by the National Film Board of Canada