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Near Banbridge Town, in the County Down

One morning in July,

Down the boreen came a sweet colleen,

And she smiled as she passed me by;

Oh she looked so sweet from her two bare feet

To the crown of her nut-brown hair,

Such a winsome elf, that I pinched myself

To be sure I was really there

And from Bantry Bay up to Derry Quay,

And from Galway to Dublin town,

No maid I've seen like the sweet colleen

That I met in the County Down.

As she onward sped I shook my head

And I gazed with a feeling rare,

And I said, says I, to a passer-by,

`Who's the maid with the nut-brown hair?`

He smiled at me, and with pride says he,

`That's the gem of all Ireland's crown,

Young Rosie McCann from the banks of the Bann,

She's the Star of the County Down.`

At the harvest fair She'll be surely there

So I'll dress in my Sunday clothes

With my shoes shined bright and my hat just right

Win the heart of the nut-brown Rose.

No pipe I'll smoke, no horse I'll yoke

And my plough will rust and brown,

Till a smiling bride by my own fireside

Sits the Star of the County Down.

boreen = dirt track or green lane

colleen = Irish Gaelic ‘cailín’, meaning young woman or maid

Sláinte in performance: Jeff Bremer (concertina/bass);

Lawson Dumbeck (guitar); Kent Hooper (whistles);

Jean Huskamp (mandolin); Anthea Lawrence (lead vocals/fiddle);

Bob McCaffery-Lent (guitars/cittern/vocals); Brynn Starr (fiddle/vocals)

Star of the County Down with Tacoma Youth Chorus

Performers - Sláinte - Album: Sláinte Mohr

Audio - Free Music Archive - CURATOR - Oddio Overplay

Issued with Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Puget Sounds (1995); Mooncoyne (2007) feature some of the same musicians.

The audio for Tanbur Music Education is unchanged. Lyrics have been added.

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For further information about Irish Folk Music see the 2008 Slideshare

- a group English Project by Gemma, Marzena, Daniel and others.


Irish Music project from gemslila
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