Sláinte were active in 1990s. Members included Jeff Bremer (concertina/bass), Lawson Dumbeck (guitar), Kent Hooper (whistles), Jean Huskamp (mandolin), Anthea Lawrence (lead vocals/fiddle), Bob McCaffery-Lent (guitars/cittern/vocals), and Brynn Starr (fiddle/vocals).

Ideas for group work:

Listen to the song and prepare two members of your group to perform the opening solos. The text has been coloured to help with your performance. The group or choir join the repeat of lyrics.


Oh hush thee my dove, oh hush thee my rowan,
Oh hush thee my lapwing, my little brown bird.

Oh fold thy wings and seek thy nest now,
Oh shine the berry on the bright tree,
The bird is home from the mountain and valley.
Oh horo hi ri i ri Cadul gu lo.

“Oh horo hi ri i ri" are sounds used to calm the baby. "Cadul gu lo" is

pronounced "Cajool goo low", meaning "sleep on” or “keep sleeping".

Further information about Manx Lullaby can be

found on this document and music score from Jeni Little

Recording from Free Music Archive album ‘Cup of Tea’

Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License

Recording modified only by the addition of lyrics

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Traditional Manx Folk Song

Sláinte - Irish Band from USA

Manx is a language spoken in the Isle of Man