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Blue Mountain Coffee in a packet

Timedoor · Mi Cahfi by The Jamaican Folk Singers
Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee in a packet
Owoce Drzewo chlebowe


Yvonne Foster

Olive Lewin

Janice Braham

Monica da Silva

Johanna Lewin

Sonia Watson


Marilyn MacDonald

Joyce Meeks

Monica Whyte

Winsome Miller

Hazel Ramsay

Joy Tulloch


Denzil Southwood-Smith

Lloyd Boyce

Roy Anderson

Dave Spence

Dennis Morgan


Kenneth Redwood

Ransford Wright

Henry (Jimmy) Anglin

Bobby Dawes

Dean Murphy

Bramwell Shepherd

Colin Smith

Errol Brown

Produced by Oswald G. Harvey


Mi Cahfi lyrics adapted with thanks to website of Wellesley Gayle:

Jamaica and Jamaican culture from boytroy

Mi cahfi, mi cahfi, mi cahfi, mi cahfi

Mi bowl a bwiling cahfi in de mornin’

I cares for none o’ these, de only ting for me

Is mi bowl a bwiling cahfi in de mornin’

Some people likes de choclet

Some people like de tea

Some drink sugar an’ water

 An’ some de lemonade

But I cares for none o’ these, de only ting for me

Is mi bowl a bwiling cahfi in de mornin’

At de sunrise I gets up

Every mornin’ dry or wet

So as nevah to be lated

For de work I has to do

I generally says mi prayers but sometimes I forgets

But mi always drinks me cahfi in de mornin’

Sometimes I has it gran

Wid mi ackee an’ saltfish

And me yellah heart breadfruit

Ripe pear an coconut ile

But wah me mine does gi mi fah

More betta dan de res

Is cahfi wid a gil bread in de mornin’

I is an ole woman now

An does often punish hard

But I has seen mi good days

An’ I mus’ satisfy

I can still hole togeda

An’ still praise de law

If I only a gets mi cahfi in de mornin’

The Jamaican Folk Song Singers

CD Volume 3, Track B3

Released - 1970s

Director - Olive Lewin

Embedded Recording - Timedoor on Soundcloud

This song tells of a lady who always drinks coffee in the morning!

She tries it with lots of foods but her favourite is a little piece of bread.  

Things to do:

  1. Find out about Jamaican food specialities that include the national dish ackee and saltfish; yellow heart breadfruit; avocado pear.
  2. A famous Jamaican export is ‘Blue M _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Coffee’.
  3. Listen to songs recorded in 2020 by Reggae singer Koffee.
  4. Listen to reggae songs by Bob Marley                (scroll down for links)
  5. Find ‘Jamaican Culture’ by boytroy and update with your own.
  6. Listen to Ernie Smith a) Mi Caafee b) Duppy Gun Man (youtube).
  7. Add questions and answers to a Tanbur Quiz or upload a complete set.

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Coffee 101 from Arunabh Mishra
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