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Willie Fitzgibbons,

Who used to sell ribbons,

    And stood up all day on his feet,

Grew very spoony

On Madelaine Mooney,

    Who’d rather be dancing than eat.

Each evening she’d drag him,

To some dance hall drag him,

    And when the band started to play,

She’d up like a silly,

And grab tired Willie,

    Steer him on the floor and she’d say:

“Waltz me around again, Willie,

    Round and round and round!

The music is dreamy,

It’s peaches and creamy,

    O don’t let my feet touch the ground!

I feel like a ship on an ocean of joy --

I just want to holler out loud, ‘Ship Ahoy!’

Waltz me around again, Willie,

    Round and round and round!”

Willie DeVere

Was a dry goods cashier

    At his desk he would sit all the day.

’Till his Doctor advising,

Said “Start exercising,

    Or else you will soon fade away.”

One night this poor looney

Met Madelaine Mooney

    Fitzgibbons, then shouted with joy,

“She’s a good health-regainer,

You’ve found a great trainer!”

    Just wait ’till she hollers, my boy

Bristol Folk Club

Lead Singer - Andy

Converted from 1980 Cassette

Composer - Ren Shields

Lyricist - Will Cobb

Published - 1906


Waltz me around again Willie. F. A. Mills, New York, 1906. Notated Music. Retrieved from the Library of Congress Item number 00008866