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Burghead pier

Picture Credits, above: Burghead Harbour Pier (Wiki CC).

Included on video:

  1. Burghead Harbour Boats, Calm Sunny Day
  2. Blue and White Fishing Boat BA 230
  3. Roseisle Bay and Beach, Calm Summer Evening
  4. Small Red Fishing Boat entering Harbour, Choppy Sea
  5. Anchor and Memorial Stone at Sunset ‘In Honour of All Brochers Lost at Sea in Peace and War’. They sit on the summit of earthworks that are part of an iron age fort, subsequently used by both Picts and Vikings.

Photos 1-3 by DavidF; photos 4 and 5 by JulieR

More photos are on Burghead Sands video 1 (see link below)


Fishing Song from the Moray Coast, Scotland

Live Performance - Gaberlunzie

With kind permission of the composer - Gordon Menzies

What is the meaning of this song?

Gordon explains how Burghead came to be one of his favourite places. It was in the 1970s that he wrote the song.

He recalls the day of a Boat Christening at the harbour where “….a child fell into the water. Without hesitation the owner of the new boat jumped into the water and dragged him out.

All over in seconds but could have been tragic.

Impresses on me the bravery of the fishermen”.