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Arranged and performed by Dereck Rose

The recording is used here with kind permission

Down the way where the nights are gay

and the sun shines brightly on the mountain top,

I took a trip on a sailing ship

and when I reach Jamaica I made a stop.

Well I'm sad to say I'm on my way

I won't be back for many a-day,

my heart is down my head is turning around

I had to leave a little girl in Kingston town.

Sounds of laughter you can hear

as the dancing girls swinging to and fro,

I must declare that my heart is there

though we been from Maine down into Mexico.

Down at the market you can hear

ladies cry as on their heads they bear

Husky rice and saltfish are nice

and the rum is fine every time of year.


Composer - Bob Dylan

Date of Single - 1962

Album - The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

Date of Album - 1963

“There ain't too much I can say about this song

except that the answer is blowing in the wind.”

Dereck Rose ‘Blowing in the Wind’ Cover

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Recording snippet

Bob Dylan (1962),


Arranged and Performed by Dereck Rose - Yellow Bird - Harry Belafonte

Dereck Rose

Yellow Bird  

Blowin' in the wind from aula pt

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