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Voice & Guitar - Megan Courtman

Recording appears here with kind permission from Megan

A fine young man it was indeed.

He was mounted on his milk-white steed.

He rode, he rode, himself all alone,

Until he came to lovely Joan.

Good morning to you, pretty maid.

And 'Twice good morning, sir,' she said.

He gave her a wink, she rolled her eye.

Says he to himself: 'I'll be there by and by.

Oh, don't you think these pooks of hay

A pretty place for us to play?

So come with me like a sweet young thing,

And I'll give you my golden ring.

Then he pulled off his ring of gold.

My pretty little miss, do this behold.

I'd freely give it for your maidenhead.

And her cheeks they blushed like the roses red.

Give me that ring into my hand,

And I will neither stay nor stand,

For this would do more good to me

Than twenty maidenheads,' said she.

And as he made for the pooks of hay,

She leaped on his horse and tore away.

He called, he called, but it was all in vain:

Young Joan she never looked back again.

She didn't think herself quite safe,

No, not till she came to her true love's gate.

She's robbed him of his Horse and ring,

And left him to rage in the meadows green.

Megan’s recording has been changed. Noise reduction and slight stereo effect has been achieved using Steinberg’s Cubase Elements 10:


10 things you didnt know about Vaughan Williams from Colston Hall

Lovely Joan became very well known after the English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams collected a version. When he arranged ‘Fantasia on Greensleeves’ for the concert hall, two wonderful folk songs were brought together: Greensleeves and Lovely Joan.

Further information about the music of Dr RVW Williams is available in the Slideshare ‘10 things you didn’t know about Vaughan Williams’ by Colston Hall, Bristol.


There are several episodes featuring the music of RV Williams. This one includes snippets of music and a quiz: The Running Set; London Symphony; Norfolk Rhapsody; Folk Song Suite - Seventeen Come Sunday; Wasps Overture; Sea Songs - Quick march; For All the Saints; Tuba Concerto; Fantasia on Greensleeves.


BBC Concert Orchestra, conductor - Barry Wosworth.

LEARNING SYNTHS  from ABLETON  provides mouse control of Wave, Oscillator, Amplitude, Width, LFO, Envelope, Detune, Pitch, Glide, Noise, Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release. This is just one of the websites featured on PLAY where you can experiment with synthesis.

Advanced tasks for Music Tech students:

Carefully select a high quality world folk song MIDI file. This must be in Public Domain and free to download. Open the file in your music sequencer program, edit, consider recording singer(s), convert completed file to Audio. If you finish these tasks, consider sending your performance recordings together with brief notes and a copy of lyrics to this website.

For copyright reasons pop song backing tracks and other cover versions can only be considered if they are substantially different from published recordings.

Learn how to play Lovely Joan on piano / keyboard / other instrument. Here is an Easy Play Keyboard notation in PNG format. To download right click and save to your computer.

 There are also two free videos, available from Times Educational Supplement, Resources. The first is a scrolling score that features the Lovely Joan melody. The second video has the melody with notes highlighted for keyboard / piano.

‘Greg Joy - Lovely Joan - The Spirit Flies Free’ has been kindly contributed to the Musescore Community by AleksandrPS. Hear the score below as an example of a music tech composition that has Lovely Joan as a stimulus.

Greg Joy - Lovely Joan - The Spirit Flies Free by AleksandrPS