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When love is kind,

Cheerful and free,

Love's sure to find

Welcome from me.

But when love brings

Heartache or pang,

Tears, and such things -

Love may go hang!

If love can sigh

For one alone,

Well pleased am I

To be that one

But should I see

Love given to rove

To two or three,

Then - good by love!

Love must in short,

Keep fond and true,

Thro' good report,

And evil too.

Else, here I swear,

Young love may go.

For aught I care -

To Jericho.

Poet: Thomas Moore

SSA Musical arrangement - Dr Arthur Frackenpohl

Choral director - Michael Griffin

Recording - Music Education World - Michael Griffin

(used here with kind permissions from both composer and conductor)

Scroll down for solo recording of 1922

and backing track audio transcriptions for 3 part harmony  


Old Melody, published 1890, Boosey & Co.

Arrangement for Voice and Piano - Amelia Lehmann

Words - Thomas Moore

Amelia’s arrangement became very popular with

four performances at Queen’s Hall for

BBC Proms between 1897 and 1928.

Audio streaming from the U.S. Library of Congress

Mezzo Soprano - Lucrezia Bori (recorded 1922)


When Love is Kind is a favourite solo contest piece. Youtube recordings of these events usually feature a singer with piano accompaniment, score by A. L. (Amelia Lehmann). Credits are provided to Thomas Moore, the lyricist, but many neglect a reference to the composer. Solo singers requiring the score in F major can download from International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) ‘Folk Songs of Many Nations’ page 72. Alternatively there is a Public Domain score in Ab major available from UR Research at University of Rochester (May 2022).    

The piano accompaniment by Dr Arthur Frackenpohl is similar to that by Amelia with four bar interludes between verses. His arrangement is in G major for two verses, transposing to A major for the final stanza. Choral directors can obtain an SA score from Penders (May 2022).  The recording provided by Michael Griffin is for SSA choir. The backing tracks have been created using Frackenpohl’s accompaniment (low volume), with melodies (raised volume) to assist learning SSA parts for homework and part rehearsal.

A few facts about Arthur Frackenpohl (1924 - 2019):

Summary of activities:

Cover of Boosey & Co. Vocal and Piano Score

(Public Domain Image)