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When love is kind,

Cheerful and free,

Love's sure to find

Welcome from me.

But when love brings

Heartache or pang,

Tears, and such things -

Love may go hang!

If love can sigh

For one alone,

Well pleased am I

To be that one

But should I see

Love given to rove

To two or three,

Then - good by love!

Love must in short,

Keep fond and true,

Thro' good report,

And evil too.

Else, here I swear,

Young love may go.

For aught I care -

To Jericho.

Poet: Thomas Moore

SSA Musical arrangement - Dr Arthur Frackenpohl

Choral director - Michael Griffin

Recording - Music Education World - Michael Griffin

(used here with kind permissions from both composer and conductor)

Scroll down for solo recording of 1922

and backing track audio transcriptions for 3 part harmony  


Old Melody, published 1890, Boosey & Co.

Arrangement for Voice and Piano - Amelia Lehmann

Words - Thomas Moore

Amelia’s arrangement became very popular with

four performances at Queen’s Hall for

BBC Proms between 1897 and 1928.

Audio streaming from the U.S. Library of Congress

Mezzo Soprano - Lucrezia Bori (recorded 1922)