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La komida la manyana

La tarde le traigo atras

Ke lo sepa la mi madre

Ke yo kero t'espozar.

Una ora en la ventana

La otra en el balcón.

La querida la mi madre

Entiende que tengo amor.

No se burle la mi madre

No se burle del amor

Elya kuando era moza

Hizo amor kon mi sinyor

Yo lo hize la mi hija

Yo lo hize kun l'amor.

No son komo loz de agora

Ke deshan kun la dolor.


The morning meal

I'm late bringing it to you

For my mother knows

I want to marry you

An hour by the window

Another hour on the balcony.

My dearest mother

Knows that I'm in love.

Don't make fun, mother,

Don't make fun of love;

When you were a girl

You made love with my father!

Yes I did my daughter,

But I did it with love.

I am not like young women of today

Who are left in sorrow.

La Kumida La Manana by San Diego Mesa College Guitar II

With thanks to San Diego Mesa College Guitar II for

Musescore version of La Komida

with 7/8 time signature.

Ventanas - La Komida - Sephardic

WFMU (curators) recorded live at the

GOLDEN FESTIVAL on January 12th 2012.

Audio from Free Music Archive

Creative Commons license to share.

Tamar Ilana - vocals, hand percussion

Mark Marczyk - violin, vocals

Dennis Duffin - flamenco guitar

Demetrios Petsalakis - outi

Jaash Singh - dumbek, cajon

Tamar Ilana: “Sephardic music is the music of the Jews who were expelled from Spain in 1492. They went to places in the Balkans, Turkey, Greece and the Maghreb. They brought their language with them which is a form of old Spanish that’s also known as Ladino or Judeo-Spanish."

She continues, “The language incorporated different words from the different areas they arrived in after they were expelled from Spain but it’s even understandable if you can speak modern Spanish. They also incorporated local rhythms like 9‘s in the Balkans, 7‘s in Greece and 6/8 wedding rhythms in Morocco.”(

Tamar Ilana is the daughter of Judith Cohen and they have performed and recorded albums together. Wysinfo Project recording of La Komida has both mother and daughter performing together, very appropriate since the song is about a mother and daughter arguing over who the daughter can date. Mother is keeping a close eye on her daughter who is taking breakfast every morning to a gentleman lodger.

When mother tries to step in, her daughter has a true girl power reply!

This song has been described as “adapted from a popular Black Sea tune in 7/8

(2-2-3), which can be identified as Turkish, Greek, Armenian or Laz.” (Wysinfo)

With thanks to Tamar for kind approval of this page and video!