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Curry Goat with rice and peas (in this case kidney beans)
Ackee and Saltfish

The Jamaican national dish of ackee and saltfish.

Curry Goat with rice and peas (kidney beans)

Jamaica from Ashley Keller

Linstead is a market town in Jamaica.

This song tells of the lady who goes to the Saturday market to sell ackees.

The tune is cheerful but the words are sad. Her children come along to see her, but from the market she has made not a cent, a penny, or a ‘quatty’.

Lyrics and melody are as heard on the recording by Lord Messam and his Calypsonians - listen to final 25 seconds and the original for that essential Jamaican Mento vibe!

More things to do:

I carry me ackee go a Linstead Market -

not a quattie would sell (x 2)

Lord what a night, not a bite

what a Saturday night! (x 2)

Everybody come feel up, feel up,

not a quatty will sell (x 2)

It was a fight, a fight, a big big fight

on that Saturday night (x 2)

All the pickney come run come run

come to see what mummy no bring