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Sláinte Band with Tacoma Youth Chorus

Audio from 'Free Music Archive'

Mairi's Wedding by Sláinte is licensed under an

Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License

In 1934 the song was written in Gaelic by J.R. Bannerman

‘Gaol mo chridhe-sa Màiri Bhàn’ (‘Love of my heart, blond Mary’).

Two years later, Hugh Roberton published "The Lewis Bridal Song"

with English words for "Mairi's Wedding".

Here are the main lyrics you will hear in this recording

from Sláinte’s 2010 album: ‘Cup of Tea’.

Step we gaily on we go

Heel for heel and toe for toe

Arm in arm and on we go

All for Mairi's wedding

Over hill ways up and down

Myrtle green and bracken brown

Past the shieling through the town

All for sake of Mairi

Cheeks as high as rowans are,

Brighter far than any star,

Fairest o' them all by far

Is my darlin' Mairi