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Vocal and Acoustic Guitar - Elspeth

Scottish song arranged, performed, recorded

and contributed by Elspeth Nawrocki, from Moray, Scotland.

My Ain Countrie appears in the ‘The Book of Scottish Song’ from 1843 which was edited by Alexander Whitelaw.  The song was written by Allan Cunningham.  It is believed to be from the Jacobite times and is the story of a Scottish exile.  The tune is entitled ‘A Gaelic Air’.

The following lyrics are as performed by Elspeth.

Oh the sun rises bright in France
And fair sets he
But he has lost the look he had
In my ain countrie
Gladness comes to many
As sadness comes to me
As I look o’er the ocean wide
Tae my ain countrie

It's no my ain guilt
That saddens aye my ee
But the love I left in Gallowa
Wi' bonnie bairnies three
My hamely hert burns bonnie
As smiles my fair Marie
But I left my heart behind me
In my ain countrie

The bird comes back tae summer
And the blossom tae the tree
But I'll come back, no never,
Tae my ain countrie
I'm leal tae high heaven
Which will aye be leal tae me
And I'll meet ye all again soon
Frae my ain countrie

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