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Topic II: How to Tune Your Guitar from Biswarup Majumder


Famous song from Peru.

Beginner guitar chord charts for G, C and Em.

A video with three screens in different colours to include scrolling lyrics, translation to English, bouncy ball in time with strumming. Also includes slideshare with various methods for tuning your guitar - with thanks to Biswarup Majumder.

Also view the National Geographic “Journey Through Peru's Incredible Sights in 6 Minutes” - at 4’25” listen to T’ankar musicians Elder Olave, Francisco Sutta and Manuel Vargas presenting Cusco music from a stunning Andes mountain location, with bandurrias, rondín and voice.

Also see main page for full chords video, Machu-Picchu information,

amazing travel pictures and Dots on Maps Peru, from Google.

Cusco musicians perform Huaychito huaycho. Credits: National Geographic, Nathaniel Connella, ‘Rhythms of Peru’ 2017, Kuoda Travel.

El Condor Pasa - Peru - Daniel Robles