Aliou Toure explains why the group had to leave

Timbuktu, Mali, Africa.

Video streaming with sub-titles from the BBC.

Slideshare presentation ‘Mali - West Africa’ by John pacific2000 explores Mali with photos and helpful captions. The Hand of Fatima, Mali’s highest peak, are rock formations are near the Hombori village. Other photos capture the dusty roads, colourful costumes, a mud mosque, donkeys transporting goods, Bamako, Flamme de la Paix Timbukto, crossing the Niger river, a Tuareg and his helper, Mopti, Grand Mud Mosque in Djenne.

Additional video: streaming from National Geographic

Drums And Dancers — Dakar

A pan-African musical and dance group rehearses

“We are a traditional group. We come from all over Africa, with no distinction of races, countries and ethnicities. Among us there are Bambaran from Mali,

Susu from Guinea, and others from Burkina and Senegal.”

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Mali - West Africa from John *