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LISTEN / SINGALONG - teachers from London rehearse a song from Jamaica SOLO VOICE - Girl with lovely Jamaican accent SOLO VOICE - Kingston Town - Jamaican accent BACKING TRACK - strong Jamaican accents added for final 25" SINGALONG - teachers from London rehearse a song from Jamaica SINGALONG - this singer has a Jamaican accent

Caribbean, Central & South America

SINGALONG - Jamaican lady who always drinks coffee in the morning! Cielito Lindo - Temporary Preview Traditional Andean Folk Song - Peruvian Lyrics translated

Songs with scrolling lyrics and translation to English.

95+ unique videos that can be used in school

to promote solo, group singing, choir and listening.


Proposed songs groups:

  1. England and Europe
  2. Scotland, Ireland, Celtic, Gaelic
  3. USA and Canada
  4. Caribbean, Central & South America
  5. Africa
  6. Middle East, Greece, Russia
  7. Asia, Oceania
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Songs are international and cross these borders! For example, a Mexican song by a New York Band; an Irish song performed by a Scottish band; a Caribbean song arranged by Londoner; a Jamaican song performed by music teachers working in the UK; a Scottish backing track composed in USA Big Band style!

Recordings can be accessed by students

and are not usually blocked by an educational filter.

More world song recordings that are creative commons

free sharealike or free from copyright could be shared here

- please share your song ideas with a FOOTPRINT message!


Page updated May 2022