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 toṭupaḷa ayinē...kavuda ata vanannē

තොටුපළ අයිනේ...කවුද අත වනන්න

Next to the ferry ... who cares

hændǣ varuvē ivurē væṭakē

හැන්දෑ වරුවේ ඉවුරේ වැටක

Fence by the bank in the evening

uṇa pan̆durē hevanē

උණ පඳුරේ හෙවනේ

In the shade of the bamboo bush

habala bin̆dīlā .... peraḷuṇu oruvaka

හබල බිඳීලා .... පෙරළුණු ඔරුව

The oar is broken ... in a capsized boat

sunbun neta dævaṭē

සුන්බුන් නෙත දැවටේ    

Debris catches the eye

ē desa nobalami

ඒ දෙස නොබලම

I do not look at it

toṭupaḷa ayinē kavuda ata vanannē

තොටුපළ අයිනේ කවුද අත වනන්න

Who's next to the ferry?

ā man̆ga an̆durē peraman̆ga degoḍin

ආ මඟ අඳුරේ පෙරමඟ දෙගොඩින්

The road was dark on both sides

taru yuvaḷak ævilē

තරු යුවළක් ඇවිල

A couple of stars are on fire

orukan̆da ætuḷē ... nupurudu suvan̆dat

ඔරුකඳ ඇතුළේ ... නුපුරුදු සුවඳත්

Inside the boat ... and the unfamiliar smell

diyamaṁkaḍa visirē

දියමංකඩ විසිරේ

Scatter the waterway

 heṭa mama hinæhemi

හෙට මම හිනැහෙම

Tomorrow I will laugh

toṭupaḷa ayinē kavuda ata vanannē

තොටුපළ අයිනේ කවුද අත වනන්නේ

Who's next to the ferry?

Lyrics - Prof. Sunil Ariyaratne

Translation to English from Sinhala, with thanks to Google Translate.

The Sinhala lyrics with explanations are available in youtube comments.

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 Song from Sri Lanka - Thotupola Aine

Song writer - Premakeerthi de Alwis

Composer - Dr Victor Ratnayake

Artist - Dr Victor Ratnayake

Label - DinuraCreations

Included here with kind permission from Dinura Pradeep Balasooriya

Recording from Free Music Archive with

 Attribution-NoDerivatives License Share.

Audio unchanged, lyrics, translation, transliteration and graphic score added. The copying and sharing on Tanbur Music is for educational purposes only and especially for International understanding of song lyrics.

With thanks to Veluppillai Mohan for the Slideshare

“My Sri Lanka - a land like no other”.

Sri lanka from Veluppillai Mohan
Thotupola Aine - Graphic Score 2 Thotupola Aine - Graphic Score Thotupola Aine - Lyric Display

Lyric Display for Thotupola Aine with three windows 1) Sinhala, 2) Sinhala sound, 3) English

Some instrumental sections feature a graphic score. Created with text symbols from a standard UK keyboard, these are highlighting the

ostinato bass together with display of pitch patterns in the melody.

Further activities:

Use these listening ideas, then create your own graphic score!

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