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 Recording - With thanks to Vocal Union

An echo song that can be performed solo, as a duet,

in a small group, or even a large choir.

There are 2 videos:

1) The singer introduces and performs the song.

2) The bouncy ball is your guide for singing - there is no sound!

Please visit the youtube and Vocal Union websites for further versions, information about the song, or to view the score and lyrics. Just as traditional folk songs have been passed on person to person in ‘chinese whisper’ fashion, many singers may hear a song such as Tongo and change the lyrics and the tune.


Do we know where the song comes from?

Do we know what the song is about?

Do we know the language?


Ton go______

Ton go______

Djim bre ba eh ba eh oh____

Djim bre ba eh ba eh oh____

Oh____   ah_eh____

Ba ne Ka noe ah eh____