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Well it was in, my childhood days, O Lord too many, many long years ago,
Now with the spirit, now of My Saviour, I was filled, Lord filled,
Oh in that old fashion meeting, O Lord a memory it lingers still,
In that little, oh that wooden church out, out on a hill.

Good Lord, every, every Sunday morning, Hail, when we had the family prayer,
Then into that old country wagon oh would fill, oh Lord, oh, would fill
Well, we'd start out on our journey, moving over rocks, God knows and rive’s,
To that little, oh that wooden church out, out on a hill.

Well when that old, old fashioned preacher, Oh Lord give out “We’ll meet again”

Then every heart friend now with the Holy Ghost oh would fill, oh Lord, oh would fill,

Well people they would be shouting, please my God I hear them still

In that little, oh that wooden church out, out on a hill.

The Trumpeteers - Little Wooden Church

Lead Vocal - Joseph E. Johnson

Tenor - Raleigh Turnage

Baritone - Willie MacNair

Bass - James Keels

The group formed in 1946 and began broadcasting jingles and promotions in Baltimore for a sponsoring shoe company.

This gospel song was released in November 1948.

Audio from Free Music Archive

Public Domain Mark 1.0

Lyrics -

With thanks to Henry Peter Sarr for the Slideshare

“Different Styles of Gospel Music”.

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Different types of gospel music from Henry peter Sarr

Publicity photo of the Trumpeteers in Billboard, 1948. ‘Fair Use’ Picture from Wikipedia and Vocal Harmony, as

example of USA Gospel Music Vocal Quartet featured on Tanbur Music.