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Scrolling presentation includes these lyrics:

Shteyt a bocher, shteyt un tracht,

tracht un tracht a gantze nacht.

Vemen tsu nemen un nit far shemen,

vemen tsu nemen un nit far shemen.

Tumbala, tumbala, tumbalalaika,

shpiel balalaika - freylach zol zayn.

Meydl, meydl, kh'vil bay dir fregn:

Vos ken vaksn, vaksn on regn?

Vos ken brenen un nit oyfhern?

Vos ken benken, veynen on trern?

Narisher bokher, vos darfstu fregn?

A shteyn kon vaksn, vaksn on regn.

Libe kon brenen, un nit oyfhern.

A harts ken benken, veynen on trern.

Questions: How many singers can you hear?

Do the voices sound like instruments?

Does every verse sound the same?

What is the meaning of acappella?

For more acappella singing, explore this website!

For English lyrics, please go to backing track

Includes recorded audio and transliteration of Yiddish lyrics.

‘The world’s only pop, klezmer, jazz, yiddish, hebrew,

country western band with no instruments’.  

Many thanks to the group for permission to use

‘Tum Balalaika’ from their ‘Jewphoria’ CD.


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La Komida

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До свиданья, Москва дорогаяУезжаем в родное село.