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Tam u sviti nad zemleyu

Zorya zasiyala.

Plyla, plyla nad horamy,

Nad vertepom stala.

Diva Syna porodyla,

Yasla polozhyla.

Sukhym sinom postelyla,

Pelenamy vkryla.

Pryletily iz nebesiv

Anhely krylati,

Posidaly y uklonylysʹ

Malomu Dytyati.

A my takozh poradiymo,

Bohu pomolimsya.

Rozhdenomu, bezsmertnomu

Nyzenʹko vklonimsya.

There in the world above the ground

The dawn shone.

She swam, swam over the mountains, She stood over the nativity scene.

The Virgin gave birth to a Son,

She put it in the manger.

She laid dry hay,

She wrapped him in cloths.

Arrived from heaven

Angels winged,

They sat down and bowed

To the Small Child.

And we will also rejoice,

Let's pray to God.

Born, immortal

Let us bow low.

Ukrainian text  provided by Eteria Choir.

English text and transliteration achieved with thanks to online translate tools.

Tam U Sviti - Christmas Carol from Ukraine

PRODUCER: Rob Weisberg; ENGINEER: Irene Trudel

WFMU Transpacific Sound Paradise, 12/10/2016.

Ukrainian Village Voices - Tam u Sviti (carol)

Audio: Free Music Archive


4.0 International License.

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