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They took us jolly sailor lads

a-fishing for a whale

On the fourth day of August in eighteen sixty-four

Bound for Greenland we set sail

The lookout stood on the crosstrees high,

with a spyglass in his hand

There's a whale, there's a whale, there's a whale-fish, he cried

And she blows at every span

The captain stood on the quarter deck

and a sod of a man was he

Overhaul, overhaul, let your davit tackles fall

And we'll launch them boats to sea

We strapped that whale and the line played out

but she gave a flurry with her tail

And the boat capsized, we lost seven of our men

And we never caught that whale

Now the losing of seven fine seamen,

well it grieved our captain sore

But the losing of a bloody sperm whale

Oh it grieved him ten times more

Oh, Greenland is a horrid place,

Where our fisher lads have to go

Where the rose and the lily never bloom in spring

No, there's only ice and snow

Recording - Virtual Campfire

Singers - Forest School Campers

The “jolly sailor lads” are headed for Greenland on a whaling expedition. The lookout spots a whale and under orders from the Captain the harpoons are launched. The whale hits the boat with its tail, capsizing it, and seven men are drowned.

Greenland is a self-governing administrative division of the Kingdom of Denmark. Look below for 304 slides that describe in detail “..all that's fabulous about Greenland”, with thanks to Mario Ricca.


Greenland - Part 1 from Mario Ricca