Strolling through a courthouse not many miles from here,

A boy stood in a prison dark while his mother she stood near.

The lad was quite a youngster, although he'd gone astray,

and from his master's changebox he had stolen some coin away.

The lad addressed his honor while the tears rolled down his cheeks.

He said “Kind sir would you please allow my mother here to speak?”

His honor then consented, while the boy hung down his head,

and turning to the jury men, these words his mother said.

“Remember I'm a widow and the prisoner is my son.

And gentlemen remember it's the first crime he has done.

Don't send my boy to prison for that would drive me mad.

Remember I'm his mother and I'm pleading for my lad.”

The widow's eyes they were flashing fire her cheeks were deadly pale:

“The reason why I'm here today is to save my boy from jail.

Although I know he's guilty, and though his crime is bad,

remember I'm his mother and I'm pleading for my lad.”

The Joy Drops - Historic Song from 1893

This Recording - 2013

The Mother - Erica London

Trumpet, alto horn, rhythm guitar - Paul McCue

Vocals, mandolin, lead guitar - Lucas Gonze

Double Bass - Ryan Lim

More songs in the same set: Not Drunk Just Drinking;

Roll Jordan Roll; Bernadette; Back O' Town Two Step.


Audio from Free Music Archive

Creative Commons Attributions License to Share

With thanks to Lucas Gonze kind approval of this page and also for his blog with lyrics from 1929 for the recording by Charlie Poole.

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Music Division, The New York Public Library. "The widow's plea for her son"

The New York Public Library Digital Collections. Song by Lewis Hall, 1893.

Place: Boston

Publisher: Louis H. Ross & Co.

Clicking this cover will take you to all pages of the original 1893 manuscript for the song.