Yellow bird images are from Wikipedia, reproduced here under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.  Credits are as follows:

  1. Resident adult male yellow or mangrove warbler in mangroves, Costa Rica. Photographer Charles Sharp.
  2. Adult male Yellow Warbler. Wisconsin (USA). Photo uploaded to Flicker by Dysmorodrepanis.
  3. Yellow Warbler in Ontario, Canada © Geoff Clarke.


Jamaican singer / songwriter.

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Yellow bird

High inna mango tree

Yellow bird

You sit all alone like me

Did your lady friend

Fly away again

That is very bad

Makes me feel so sad

You can fly away

In the sky away

You're much luckier than me.

Yellow Bird Blog 

The children’s song Yellow Bird has flown around many parts of the world! In the Caribbean island of Haiti it appeared in the late nineteenth century as a poem and a folk song about the beautiful lady known as “Choucoune”. The language is French and the music is mérengue. Following the Calypso Craze of the 1950’s many versions in English began to appear. As Val Serrant reminds us, ‘Trinidad is the land of Calypso’……

Performed and Arranged - Dereck Rose

Recording used with kind permission